Must have by the pool.

This amazing bottle is a must by the pool. This bottle keeps the water cold all day, even in the sun.

You can read more here.

Must have on the plane.

A must have on the plane is a face spray to freshen up and give moist to the face. I think I used it every hour or so. There are many great ones that you can buy, but you can also make it yourself. Just buy a spray bottle, fill it with water and put a couple of drops with tea tree oil in it.

On my wish list.


Hello, today I have a makeup tips for you :)

This face powder from Guerlain makes your skin glow. Definitely recommend you to try it!

You can read more here.

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Smart luggage.

Do you want to see something cool?

You can read more here.

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Eyebrow pencil.

Looking for a new eyebrow pencil? The Anastasia brow wiz is amazing!

You can buy it here :)

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Styling brush.

Looking for a good styling brush? I have been loving the HH Simonsen styling brush!

You can buy it here.

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Need a good laugh?

If you need a good laugh, you should check out this site.


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Ready for the beach?


Today I want to tell you about my favorite app to read books and listen to audio books. Storytel have books in english and norwegian and comes out with the newest books just as fast as the bookstores. You can download the app on your phone and tablet and have 5 books offline. It costs 169,- NOK every month, but totally worth it :) PS. you can try it for free for 14 days to see if you like it.

You can check it out here.

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Packing cubes.

I love packing with packing cubes. You can fit so much more in your suitcase and its so much more organized :)

PS. I have these and I love them!

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How to pack toiletries.

Wondering how to pack toiletries when going on a trip? Here are some tips:

PS. I have these containers from Humangear and can definitely recommend them :)

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Travel essentials!

Traveling soon? Maybe you are going on a summer holiday and need some tips for what to pack in your carry-on :)

Some of my personal tips are:

  1. wet wipes
  2. antibac gel
  3. Ipad with music, movies, books...
  4. hand cream
  5. facial spray

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Life hacks!

Todays tips are some life hacks. Random things you never think about but could be useful :)

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Two jumpsuits and a dress.

Todays summer inspo.

I love maxidresses and jumpsuits for summer, they look so pretty and feel so comfortable.


Movies that make you cry.

This one is hard because there are so many movies out there, but there are some movies that stands out on netflix.

1. Titanic.

You can read more here.

2. The boy in the striped pyjamas.

You can read more here.

3. Deep Impact.

You can read more here.

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Stressed out?

Are you stressed out? Everybody gets stressed out sometimes and it can be hard to find a way to relax. Maybe you have finals at school, you struggle at work or you are a busy mom. Nevertheless you have to make time for yourself and de-stress! This is the only life you have, take care of it.

Here are some tips of how to de-stress.

De-stress music:

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Woke up late?

What to do when you oversleep? The panic hits you and you have no idea of what to priority. You have to do what is best for you, and we are all different in that way. Some people like to priority eating over getting dressed up, but I guess it depends on what you are doing or where you work. Personally I like to be dressed properly and have makeup on and just grab a banana and eat in the car.

Here are some tips and inspiration for getting ready fast.

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Organizing your closet.

Feel like organizing? Well, this is what I like to do (on sundays) when the clutter is taking over my home. During the spring time I allways like to declutter and make everything lighter and more fresh in my home. The first thing I allways do with my closet, is taking all of my clothes out and going over what I really need, and what I can donate. After that I try to fold everything nice together and organize by type of clothes and color.

Here are some great tips of how to organize your closet :)

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Lets party.

Plan your life.

The planner is back! In the last year or so, I have been noticing that more and more people have been using the old school planner instead of their phone. I think a lot of this is because of Erin Condren. She has reinvented the planner. Who doesnt like to organize and play with stickers? (My inner child is happy). Maybe this could be great if you like planners and/or scrapbooking. This is also great for the busy mom, blogger/youtuber or the student who need to keep track over her studying.

You can read more about Erin Condren here.

Here are some tips of how people use it.

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Today I wanted to share one of my favorite makeup items with you. If there is one thing to splurge on, its this. Its amazing!

The "Christian Dior Lip Glow Color Reviverbalm" (long name, I know), or just "Dior addict lip glow".

The thing that is so amazing about this product is that it feels like a lip balm, really smooth on my lips, but it also gives me a sheer pink color. The product melts into your lip, combining with your natural lip color, therefore nobody will have the same lip color after applying the same product. Cool right? It has hydrating mango butter and an SPF 10.

You can buy the product here (Adlink).

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Hairstyles for a wedding.

Wedding season is approaching! Here are some inspiration about what to do with your hair :)

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Travel the world.

Beautiful beaches and oceans are waiting for you...





You only live once...

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Did you know that mango is the most eaten fruit in the world?

I can totally understand why, because it is delicious! The mango is very versatile so it can be used in many different ways in the kitchen. It also has many health benefits such as treating acne and open up clogged pores. It can also lower cancer risk, help with digestion and anemia. So eat all you can of this delicious fruit :)

You can read more about mango here:



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Top 5 on netflix.

I watch a lot of shows on netflix, and who doesnt love a lazy sunday? Here are some tips:

House of cards (a netflix original series).

You can read more here:


You can read more here:

Hart of Dixie.

You can read more here:

Pretty little liars.

You can read more here:

The returned (a netflix original series).

You can read more here:

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Braids for summer.

Who doesnt love braids for summer? There is so much you can do with your hair, but were not all hairdressers, so it have to be easy. Here are some tips for easy summer hair. Let me know if you tried a hairstyle :)

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National day.

The 17th of May is Norways national day. If we dont wear our folk costumes, we like to dress in white, red or blue (because of our flag). Here are some tips for you that dont have a folk costume.


Dress from WAL G. 399 kr,-
You can find it here.

Dress from Closet. 599 kr,-
You can find it here.

Dress from Closet. 549 kr,-
You can find it here.

If you are wondering what Norwegian folk costumes look like, here are a few (it is called "Bunad" in norwegian).

PS. This is Norways crown princess.

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Celebrities on snapchat?

As snapchat is growing, more and more people are creating an open profile so you can follow their daily life. But its not just you and me thats on snapchat, the celebrities are too. yay! Here are some that I follow :)


Ashley Benson: benzo33

Shay Mitchell: officialshaym
She also have a youtube channel. Click here.

Kylie Jenner: kylizzlemynizzl

Rihanna: rihanna


Models Natsha Oakley and Devin Brugman: tashanddev

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Top 3 youtube vloggers US/UK.

If you didnt know that youtube is more than cute kittens, you have been missing out. There is so much inspiration to find on youtube from other people. Today I am sharing my favorite youtube vloggers. This is people who vlog their daily life or just sometimes when they are doing something special. PS. Bonus at the end :)




Norwegian youtuber CelinaKarine.

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